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‘If I should die,’ said I to myself, ‘I have left no immortal work behind me - nothing to make my friends proud of my memory - but I have lov’d the principle of beauty in all things, and if I had had time I would have made myself remember’d.’ - John Keats

“Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life that made sense from things she found in gift shops.” - Kurt Vonnegut

28. screenwriter. watcher of movies. taco lover extraordinaire. drinker of coffee. listener of music. I am obsessed with classic films, contribute to YAM Magazine, run this site: and do social media for Warner Bros. and Rotten Tomatoes. Opinions are all my own.

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In conjunction with Kristen from SalesOnFilm and Trevor from AModernMusketeer, we are attempting to save the birthplace of silent film legend Harold Lloyd. Our hope is to have the place appointed a National Historic Place, but this takes money and time. We’ve got several events coming up in the next few months and we need all the help we can get. Please take a few minutes to “like” the Save the Harold Lloyd Birthplace page on Facebook, where you can read all about how you can help and we will add any and all updates about our progress.

Silent film has had a huge resurgence in popularity with the release of Hugo and The Artist, but with news like the impending destruction of Pickfair Studios in Hollywood, it’s clear its history is still being threatened. We can’t let this happen! Help us fight the good fight!

Save the Harold Lloyd Birthplace! « the diary of a film history fanatic

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